Solved: Unable to access BSNL Modem/Gateway at

I see a lot users having trouble with getting in to the modem/gateway configuration page a.k.a

Follow the steps below to get to the configuration page.

1. Disconnect the phone line from the modem.

2. Configure your TCP/IP settings in Windows by going into Network Connections and right-click on LAN:

tcp setting 1

3. Now click on TCP/IPv4 and then Properties:
tcp setting 2

4. Enter the values as shown and click OK:

tcp setting 3

You should now be able to access your BSNL modem/gateway. Remember to change these settings back to “Obtain IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS server address automatically” once you have configured your gateway’s DHCP server. Read this post on how to do configure your DHCP server.


42 thoughts on “Solved: Unable to access BSNL Modem/Gateway at

  1. I have am Inedit BSNL modem ….where i am unable to access its setting through …. i need to change my Wi Fi pasword …how to do it ?

    • Find your router IP by doing this: Windows Key + R -> ‘cmd’ Enter -> ipconfig -> Look at the entry for ‘Default Gateway’. That IP is your router IP, copy that IP in your browser and it should take you to the router settings page.

    • Windows security asks for a username and password. What should I put? It says “The server at DSL server requires a username and password.”

  2. I’m using my old BSNL modem for a BluWifi connection. I’ve configured the IP settings as mentioned but I’m not able to open
    I’ve connected a network cable from the single-port device BluWifi gave me into the BSNL modem. I am able to connect to internet but I’ve forgotten my WiFi password. So I need to logon to the modem config page. Could you help me please?

    • Hi, Just log on to your router config page by typing in the IP address of your router in your browser. Just follow the instructions on this post. Hope it helps!

  3. This was seriously very helpful, man. I was sweating out for a long time trying to figure out how to configure the things, and I finally succeeded after reading this.

  4. Thanks, Sunny… after a great deal of hair-pulling, I was about to throw in the towel when I saw daylight with your post! Screenshots were super helpful. 🙂 God bless.

  5. Fantastic bro….. i followed ur procedure and i could get to the configuration page again… Lot of thanks to u……
    I just brought back my modem from my friend to use with my connection and was disappointed unable to get it configured. Ur post helped me…:D I’m full smiles now.. This is my first purchased modem and i have a sentiment for it.

  6. hi bro. i m using bsnl broadband modem-dna is not working mean only power signal is blowing n dsl ,internet lights r not there any suggestion mean any repairing centre.

  7. my bsnl DNA-A211-I modem doesn’t detect dsl connection(the led doesn’t blink)…i have done all said above. wat do i do? gimme a solution for this….

    plz help

  8. hi
    1.i have a DNA A211 router modem.i m unable to connect my laptop via ethernet cable but it connected via wifi.
    how can i do the same as i check my ethernet cable can i update my modems’ software

    plz help me if u know

    thanks a lot


  9. Hi,

    I have the T-Mobile G2 (Google Phone). I have the UTStarcom Type 2 modem with WEP encryption configured. When I try to connect to the BSNL wifi nw, I am unable to obtain an IP Address from the router. Is there anything I need to change from the modem settings?

  10. once more prob i hve never face.
    mah wireless modem is wokin proprly on windows 7,
    but wen i wannaa run itz on Win XP,itz appeare- “No wireless device detected within range” or somthing like dat…
    now m using dual OS.
    in win xp wifi can’t detect any modem.
    all needed driver is installed.
    plzzzzz help… 😛

  11. thanxxxxxxxxx alottttttttttttttttt sunny bro:)
    vry usefull for meah.
    mah frnd was trying many times, settin 4 multi user, bt never success,
    now finly i can use 1 of more laptop usin mah BSNL modem.
    gr888888888 work 🙂
    keep it up…

  12. I am not statisfies on your suggestion but may be some slove this suggestion. Kindly tell me, I want to know one bsnl modem (Internet)share to ten machine via to switch and configure each machine indiviually net, so modem connect to direct switch. If you kindly tell me via e-mail or which site i show the these problem solution.
    Thanks for my solution will tell me.

  13. Great work bro
    it works. Initialy i was not able to log into my router now with these setings i can

    thanks a lot


  14. I have created wireless connection and got Wireless working with BSNL broadband. Wen i created wireless accesspoint and configured WIFI (with WEP keys) iphone got connected to Router. However I am getting server is not responding when I try to open on Safari. Any Idea ? Please let me know.

      • hi

        when u want to use the net in ur iphone through the bsnl modem . ensure that the router is set in PPOE mode.i think you know how 2 set in PPOE mode if not , ask me i will help u…. (

  15. I am unable to connect my N95 8GB phone with ITI DNA-A211-I modem; the router works fine with laptop but doesnt work with the phone. When I have a open network in router it works fine with the phone but as soon as I give a secured key in router my phone does not connect.

    • You need to delete the old settings for your Wireless network in your phone .. On your N95, Go into Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access Points and delete the existing settings for your wireless network. Now try to connect to your wireless network again and enter the secured key when prompted.

      • I followed the steps as you directed and I keep on recieving No Gateway Reply on my N 95 8GB phone…


  17. i saw your previous posts and i connected my laptop to the router through wire .now i am able to acess the router login page

    but i am not knowing, what settings should i change to be able to acess the net from my iphone

    • hi i have 110bx1 ADSL2+Router and using airtel broadband

      I am able to access th in Xp
      But not in Ubuntu 8.04LTS.
      Please help me.

  18. hi,
    i am using bsnl broadband connection with wireless router WA3002G4 .i want to acess the net using my iphone or on other laptop other than mine.

    i am able to see the UTSTARCOM on my iphone in wifi networks .but unable to acess net from my apple iphone.

    plz help me……..

    i tried going to router login page

    but the error is

    The connection has timed out

    The server at is taking too long to respond

  19. Hi,

    I recently got a BSNL connection. My problem is that I am able to access the modem’s page at but I am not able to access the net. In the modem’s page, the gateway IP address also shows fine and the DSL and Internet LEDs are also ON in the modem.

    I am not able to ping to but can ping to Is there anything I am missing? Why can’t I get Internet always?

    • Have you enabled the DHCP server on your modem and get an IP like 192.168.1.x? Also make sure your computer is set to “Automatically obtain IP address and DNS servers” like mentioned in the post.

  20. […] 1. Connect  to the modem/router through Wired Ethernet and enter in the address bar. When prompted enter your username/password. It should be admin/admin by default. If you have forgotten the username/password, you can reset the modem by pressing the reset button on the back of the router with a pin for 10 seconds. If you can’t access the modem at try this. […]

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